Polish Heritage Choir

The Casimir Cultural Center is honored to be the home of the Polish Heritage Choir of Johnstown.

The preservation of Polish music in our region is rooted in both the histories of the former St. Casimir Parish and the St. Casimir’s Society (Polski Dom) in Cambria City. The current choir was organized in 1988.

Since the parish closing in 2009, the Choir has performed at numerous events and concerts throughout the Johnstown region working tirelessly to preserve their language, identity and traditions.

As the mother church of the Polish parishes in the Johnstown region, St. Casimir was the center of the preservation of Polish Catholic culture.

Today, the Casimir Cultural Center provides a similar purpose. While celebrating various cultures and ethnic heritages, Casimir serves as the region’s premier center of the preservation and celebration of Polish traditions cherished by so many in our area for over a century.

Performance Schedule


Join Us! – Dołącz do nas!

The Choir is currently seeking new members of all ages and all ethnic backgrounds. Speaking Polish is not a requirement. The lyrics are taught phonetically during rehearsal. A love for music, tradition and history, along with a commitment to a rehearsal and performance schedule are the only requirements.

If you are interested in joining the Choir, please contact:

Casimir Cultural Center


Choir Director, Kelly Fuska Harrity, 814.341.0152

You can also email us at casimirjohnstown@gmail.com Subject: Polish Heritage Choir

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